6 Things to Know When Learning How to Build a Cloud Based Application

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It is very evident that cloud application development is sharply rising (PDF). No one can deny that cloud computing has changed the way organizations use technology. Cloud computing has made computer resources cheap, easy to access and more scalable.

For those who have only recently started learning what is cloud application development, this is the creation of software that is used over the internet to accomplish business goals. Therefore, anyone who wants to learn how to build a cloud based application must understand some do’s and don’ts.

Businesses and corporations are turning to the cloud for not only storage but also building apps. But with the advances in cloud computing, more risks are being created. Some of these risks include, unknown number of users, fluctuating loads and countless devices being used.

All these risks make it hard to develop and run apps on the cloud. So, before you venture into cloud based application development here are a few things to know:

1. Know the security measures in place

Although the cloud has put in place high security levels, most people are not entirely convinced. When you want to fully embrace cloud computing, you should consider strong security measures.

Keep in mind that most of (if not all) of your company’s data is there, so in case of a real threat to the apps, you can be completely shut off. So, consider having an onsite application to keep running just in case something goes wrong with the cloud.

2. Know how far your system is exposed

Traditionally, business would seal all their systems and keep the customers at arm’s-length from their systems. However, cloud based application development means that businesses can now share their applications with outside systems.

Sharing your systems with the world can have serious repercussions. There has been a series of security breaches for companies that are operating their application from the cloud.

Companies can unknowingly expose their security measures to outsiders. So before you embrace cloud application development, make sure your developers pay attention to not only your application but also all the components that are connected to it.

3. Learn about the integration challenges

Not matter how complex integration may seem, it is an important aspect to master. The challenges that emanate from integration can have serious negative impact on the application.

Applications can have lots n lots of small components that are interact together and knowing what’s connected to what can be hectic.

It’s due to this that companies need to constantly check the various components to ensure that they function smoothly.

Know the various monitoring tools that your cloud service provider uses to monitor the application. This will ensure that your customers can use your application smoothly.

4. Closely monitor the systems resources

It is very easy to waste your cash on cloud services. While in the past you only had to pay for the power bills that keeps your server running, nowadays you are charged using metering systems that is user-based.

This simply means that you can easily pay more to keep your app running. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on the charges for cloud app development.

5. Consider reliability

Although cloud application development has many advantages, most people are still concerned about the reliability of the same.

It is feared that when the service is down or experiencing turbulences, cloud applications will definitely go down.

Most companies can hardly risk this. However, companies can develop recovery plan in case of a disaster striking. This can be compared to the onsite disaster recovery plans that you already have.

6. Know the law

It is of outmost importance to know the licensing restrictions that the cloud computing servicer vendor is offering. These restrictions vary from company to company so it is advisable to take time and learn.

It is very clear that cloud based application development has quite a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. This is why is it important to know these and other issues surrounding cloud app development services.

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