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Cloud Applications
January 21, 2017
Cloud Application Security Best Practices
January 21, 2017

Today, many people are adopting cloud-based apps and tools very quickly. However, small businesses are in the beginning curve in regards to applying the same kind of low-cost apps in their day to day operations.

The growth rate of well-designed and secure apps is overwhelming. Most of these applications make business operations like accounting, marketing and project management easier and enjoyable at a lower price compared to their predecessor applications.

At times, it only requires one web applications in business to solve financial issues, streamline operations or improve communication amongst employees.

Many companies have decided to do away with desktop applications, a technical move in improving efficiency and production. Such moves have positive benefits across different businesses. The following web apps your organization should try to acquire.


This idea might seem elusive, but is a game-changing app. This app always promises results. is engineered to assist managers in evaluating visible achievements in a workplace. But the interesting part is that the app is built for the employee, not the manager.

Employees can earn reward points that can help them get recognition on Facebook or get a gift card through gamification techniques. Managers can tweak the performance of the employees depending on the goals the employees achieve.

2. Creately

Nothing beats Creately when trying to visualize company plans. Creately is a flowcharting and diagramming web application that assists you to develop a clear visual representation of ideas – and this is game-changer.

The application supports collaboration, so workmates can share ideas, leave comments and follow the progress of various tasks. Creately runs fully in the cloud and stores all the work online.

The visual creation process is very easy; you are required to drag and drop objects. It also has pre-existing templates which can assist you in getting started.

3. Setster

For many years, calendaring has been moving to the cloud. Setster allows you to create schedules which assist you to make up to your customers. The app can book meetings for you, and even pay for the privilege in the case of business models that charge for meetings – like an accounting firm. Setster is also a collaborative application.

Everyone using the application in your organization can be notified in case you cancel or reschedule your meeting. Setster has an additional feature which allows you to pad a meeting or stretch the time. This allows everyone to know they don’t have to arrive on time.

4. ZenDesk

ZenDesk assists you to do help desk support. The application, which runs in the cloud, helps call center agents to track a support call. After the call tracking, the agents can know the status of the assistance and offer the necessary guidance on what to do next.

ZenDesk has templates which fill in appropriate responses for support staff to use. Managers can also use the app to generate reports on call times, support resolutions successfully and twist the knowledge base for improved accuracy.

5. Smartsheet

Some years back, Microsoft Excel made a massive impact in managing some business records and still many large businesses rely on this spreadsheet as an important tool in their daily operations. However, Smartsheet is considered to be the Excel 2.0 for the cloud.

When using this app, you can easily create spreadsheets with all expected calculations. Smartsheet also allows you collaborate work.

Through the collaborative features, employees can attach files on individual cells, edit already done work or leave comments. This web-based application can be accessed through PCs, tablets or smartphones.


If you are struggling to pass complex ideas to your customers, simplifies the way in which you communicate with them.

For example, can be used as a tutorial for the websites which require customers to fill complex or lengthy forms. The application has drag-and-drop features which create steps that appear beside the actual site.

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