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January 23, 2017
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Any application that uses a website as a front-end or an interface is considered to be a web-based application. So long as someone is using a standard browser through any computer that is connected to the internet, they can access the application easily.

These applications are very different compared to traditional desktop applications, which are typically installed on a local computer. For example, Microsoft Word, a common word processing application which is not new to most of us – it is a perfect example of desktop application.

Google Docs, on the other hand, is also a word-processing application but it is not installed in a computer. Users can only perform all the functions in this application using a web browser. Thus, Google Docs is a web-based application.

Amongst all web based apps, Google apps is probably the most well-known. Kanbanchi is an online project management tool that has been developed by Magic Web Solutions. This tool has been integrated into the Google ecosystem.

We should understand that almost any desktop software can be developed as a web-based application. The following are the benefits a business can achieve by using web applications.


Cost effective development

Users can access web-based application system through a common environment – the web browser. Although there is a need for all the user interaction with the web applications to be thoroughly tested on different web browsers, the application itself is required to be developed for a single OS.
But, it is not a must for the application to be developed and tested nearly on all available configurations and operating systems. This simplifies the development and troubleshooting of the applications and front-end testing, and troubleshooting becomes easier for the web applications that use Flash.


Unlike traditional applications, you can access web applications from any location and at any time so long as you have a PC connected to the internet. This makes the user decide the location and time when they want to access the application.

More exciting modern possibilities like home working, real-time collaboration and global teams are made easier by the accessibility benefit. Web applications make the idea of working from a single computer from a fixed location a thing of the past.

Can be customized very easily

It is every easy to customize the user interface of web applications compared to the case of desktop applications. Through this, you can easily update how the application looks and feels or customize how information can be presented to different user groups.

This eliminates the need for every user having to use the same interface almost every time. Instead, customization allows you to find the perfect look for each user during different situations.
Improved interoperability

Web applications allow you to achieve a greater level of interoperability compared to the isolated desktop applications. For example, you can easily integrate a web-based shopping cart system with a web-based accounting package but find it hard to make two proprietary systems communicate with each other.

Because of interoperability, web-based engineering has made the integration of enterprise systems possible, improved workflow and other business processes. Capitalizing on Internet technologies gives you a flexible and adaptable business model that can be changed depending on the market demands.



Typically, web applications are deployed on dedicated servers, and these servers are constantly monitored and maintained by a team of experienced server administrators.

This makes the applications secure than monitoring thousands of client computers as in the case of desktop applications.

This, in turn, makes the applications more secure, and anyone trying to access them without the necessary clearance can be noticed quickly.


Easy to install and maintain

Installing and maintaining web applications is less complicated than it is in traditional application software. Users can immediately access a new upgrade version as soon as it is installed on the host server. Thus, there is no need to keep on constantly upgrading your PC.

Also, users can easily get new software so long as they have updated browsers and plugins. The results of these upgrades are reliable because they are performed by an experienced professional from a single server.

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