January 21, 2017
cloud applications

Cloud Applications

Contrary to what some may perceive, cloud application is actually an amalgamation of a desktop app and a web based app. In fact, it is not entirely a desktop app, but only possesses certain characteristics of it. Cloud applications are not the applications that are delivered over the web interface.


January 20, 2017

Top Cloud Web Application Firewalls to Stop Website Attacks

Web threats are constantly rising, so it is important for any web application developer to have a strong firewall in place to shield from attacks for non-disruptive online business operation.

Having unprotected files, software, plugin or misconfiguration on your server can expose your apps to security

January 20, 2017
web application

Web Applications

The line between cloud applications and web applications may have blurred which is the primary reason why most people are confused between the two, however, there will always remain one stark differentiating factor.

Web applications, as the name clearly indicates, are web based applications that are

January 19, 2017
Cloud Application Security

Cloud Application Security

Cloud application security deals with the security concerns pertaining to hosting or accessing an application on the cloud.

It is a known fact that security is the top concern which is stopping many companies, even today, from moving to cloud.

Although all cloud vendors do assure the clients that their