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January 24, 2017
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With the ever-increasing amount of data, the demand for storage keeps skyrocketing. We all want to capture every step of the way and preserve our memorable moments for a lifetime. Using the latest gadgets, we all want to capture high definition pics and videos.

However, storing these worthy pictures and videos can be a nightmare. They eat up all the available spaces in our phones and computers forcing them to underperform. That said, cloud storage is one way to store your data easily and securely.

Moreover, this option is often super cheap, making data storage something you will never have to worry about again. You can now shift focus back to capturing lifelong memories or even nature at its best without worrying about storage.

What’s more, there are many top cloud apps to choose from to store those pictures and videos that you can’t afford to lose. Here is a cloud applications list to check through in 2017:


This is one of the most renowned cloud storage services vendor. JustCloud safely stores your data. It also works well in all the devices and is compatible with all the systems from Windows to iOS to Android and even Mac.

It also has an automatic backup system and it sync your data in several computers. JustCloud also runs a location services which can be used to track lost devices like laptops. Additionally, the also offer round the clock support.

While looking for cloud applications, there are a few things to consider like privacy, price, security and transfer speeds. There are few cloud service providers that can match They have perfected the art of cloud storage.

With you are assured of secure and all-round cloud services. They offer up to 5GB of storage for free so that users can test their cloud services. They have an affordable package that’s paid annually of up to 5TB.

Furthermore, their encryption is end-to-end meaning your content is safe with them. Here you will not have to back up your content, it does so automatically.


MyPCBackup is a great backup feature that has outstanding qualities for cloud storage. These features include automatic backup of your files, syncing with multiple devices making it easy for you to access your data from anywhere.

It is also highly encrypted giving you peace of mind. They also have a sharing feature which makes it easy for you to share your data freely. To top it up, they have an ever-present support team to help you out when stuck.

Google Drive

There is hardly any cloud applications list that can be made without including Google Drive. If you use any Google online services, then Google Drive is the place for you to store data online.

Google Drive stands out as one of the best cloud services with up to 15GB free when you link your google account or create a new one to it. This space is shared by all the services.

You can also access the data from Mac, iOS and Android. The only downside is you can’t access Google Drive while using any of the Microsoft products.

Google assures its Google Drive users that their content and information will never be revealed to a third party, unless when complying with the laws of a given country. Google Drive also enjoys 2-step verification to keep your data safe and secure.


This is another world renowned cloud service provider. SugarSync will not only store data for you, they also have great sharing features that can be used to share files and documents. They will also sync all your data making it easy for you to access your data from multiple sources.

They also have strong encryption that guarantees safety of your content. They also have speedy upload rates and fast downloads. For video editors, they have a collaboration tool which enables teamwork.

Your data is important to you and the security of the data should not be compromised under any circumstances. You can choose from the list of the top cloud apps based on your needs and budget.

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