Choosing The Right Speaker For Your Event Using Cloud-Based Tools

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Keynote speakers entertain, inspire, encourage, and inform their audiences on new and better ways of doing things. With the growth in technology, it is now easier to find the right speaker(s) for your event. You do not need to spend ages in determining who is right for what audience; thanks to the cloud-based tools.

To take full advantage of online algorithms and data structures in finding the best keynote speakers for your events, there are several guiding factors which include:

Define your goals

Choosing a speaker before knowing what mandate he or she is supposed to fulfill can be likened to putting the cart before the horse. No two speakers can ever be the same, they all originate from different walks of life with a hub of different experiences and expertise.

Know the aim of your event, come up with particular lessons that you want derived by the end of the event; define the objectives that the speaker is supposed to fulfill. By specifying your goals, you will not just fill the position of a speaker but get the best professional speakers that will fulfill your objectives.

By making clear your requirements, you will not be at a position to compromise on the ultimate achievements. This is because if a speaker doesn’t meet such requirements, the cloud-based search tools will not shortlist him or her for your event.

Try to match the audience’s expectations

An audience choosing not to sit at home and watch the speech on Youtube, but rather decide to attend your event, means a lot to you; they expect to meet something different worth their time. While selecting a speaker online, put yourself in their shoes and try to think of what they would expect at the turn of events.

Comprehend the flow of events and what is required in keeping the crowd live and full of energy at every given phase. If they expect entertainment and laughter, do not deny them, if they expect motivation and rejuvenation, focus on getting them exactly that.

Know your budget

Be aware of the overall cost of the speaker and compare it against your budget. Find out whether he or she will require you to shoulder an additional cost apart from the one quoted on the website. Establish if there are hidden prices that might catch you unaware. By working within your budget, you will not suffer the pain of overstretching your pockets or have regrets after the event is over having spent what you had initially anticipated.

If possible, insist on speaking with the suggested keynote speaker in person before you strike a deal

By having a one on one chat with the web-identified speaker, you can make your final decisions based on your personal experience with him or her. Your own personal intuition can always act as a guide whether or not you’ve landed the right person for the job.


Choosing the right speaker on the web is a smooth process for those who are well conversant with their goals. It is also time saving as well as cost effective, and gives the highest returns on investments.


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