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At Green Genie SEO we follow the K.I.S.S. principle. KEEP IT SIMPLE SEO! We know that our customers are busy and eager to get things done so we won’t waste your time with a lot of salesmanship. You are here because you already know what you need and we provide it. That’s it. End of sales pitch.

For those of you who would like a bit more information this is for you. Like any good writer we’re going to use the 5 W’s.


1. WHO we are and WHO are our writers?

Green Genie SEO ( was started by two men who spent the last 15 years building web pages. Being web site design professionals, we are fully aware of the need for quality text based content and how much it means to SEO. What we discovered is an acute shortage of quality writers. We discovered this the hard way when we started our search for article writing services for our own sites and for our clients.

We were extremely dismayed at the lack of quality in the articles we received from companies we tried. Maybe “dismayed” isn’t the best word. Perhaps, “SHOCKED” is a better word to use. Shocked at the grammar mistakes, the spelling mistakes, and the incredibly horrible word selection / word usage we encountered in the text based content WE PAID FOR.

How many times have you had this happen to you? It’s frustrating isn’t it? Well, that’s why we created Pro SEO article.

We set out to find writers who could not only fill the need but who actually enjoy writing. Some of our writers are professional journalists, others are literature majors or advertising copywriters. The list goes on and on. If you’d like to learn more about our writers visit the Our Writers page to view their profiles.


2. WHAT do we do and WHAT do we offer?

Although more information can be found on our Place an Order page let’s take a quick look at WHATmakes article and content writing services so vital.

First off, Google’s search engines (programs called web crawlers) LOVE text based content. When it comes to Google, gone are the days of the meta keyword. That’s old school and obsolete. Now, SEO is all about TEXT….TEXT.…TEXT.

Secondly, Google and other search engines place high value on what are called “Backlinks”. Another name for backlinks is “Inbound Links” and that’s exactly what they are. They are links from other websites to your website. At one time, in the not so distant past, it was very important to have as many incoming links as possible. The higher quality the link…the better. This has changed somewhat. The higher quality the better part is still true but for the most part you want inbound links from sites with a Google Page Rank (PR) of 4 or higher. Anything less than that is not really worth getting excited about.

So how do we achieve this? Well, that’s the tricky part and that’s where we come in.

3. WHEN can you expect delivery?

This depends largely on your order. Larger orders take longer to complete and smaller orders take less time. Delivery time will be determined IN ADVANCE and is subject to your approval before work begins.

Other services promise delivery in ridiculously short periods of time and that is why their quality is poor in comparison. Writing articles takes time due to, actual writing time, quality review, and making revisions and/or corrections.

Yes! We do a quality check of our work before releasing it to you. Our Quality Control Experts do checks for Spelling/Grammar,Copyscape, etc…

4. WHERE are the writers from?

Our writer pool is global. We have writers from all over the world ready to serve you. If your target audience is in the United States would it make sense to have someone from Australia write your text? We don’t think so and we doubt you would disagree.

Tell us where your target audience is or where you want your writer to be from and we’ll do our best to oblige you.

5. WHY should you choose ?

The simple answer is because we guarantee quality. A lot of other companies promise the moon and the stars but they don’t deliver on those promises. Well, we don’t waste your time making promises because promises can be broken. We only make guarantees.

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