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The cloud computing excitement is constantly growing, with many businesses and government establishments choosing to use cloud-based services. There is no scarcity of cloud-based services so long as you are willing to pay for them.

But sometimes we all like free internet things, and some of these things are just as useful as some of the things we pay for. In fact, the best internet innovation ever – Google search is free.

Sometimes you will come across some excellent free services and software, but the debate is whether you can get some of the cloud computing applications for free. The following are some of the best and free cloud computing applications.


Cloudo can be termed as a free computer that can be found on the Internet, right in your web browser. It allows you to access your files like photos, music and movies and all other documents regardless of your location using any computer or mobile phone.

Cloudo doesn’t have any software or hardware to maintain since it is a hosted service and you can use any internet connected device to access the DDE.

As hosted software, Cloudo comes with other benefits such as centralizing data backups, data security and regular updates and other benefits like lower cost which is usually associated with a single global instance of software versus many local situations.


Dropbox is the simplest and the most efficient cloud-based service. If you are thinking about simplicity, then think of Dropbox. It offers a variety of services such as document synchronization, sharing of web files, and client software for Mac, Linux, Windows and mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.

Dropbox also gives you the opportunity to share files and folder on the web through Getting link feature. It gives you 2GB of free storage space, and this can be increased up to 16GB via referral bonus.

Moreover, it has paid accounts of 50GB and 100GB. You can also get 1TB of storage space through Dropbox for Teams. Currently, Dropbox has more than 50 million users, and 96% of them use a free account.


eyeOS can describe as the Open Source Cloud’s Web Desktop. It is similar to iCloud, and the Cloudo discussed above.

It designed in a way to attract users who visit it for the first time. Once you create an account with the eyeOS, you get the opportunity to get started with its free Cloud Desktop.


This is a cloud based application which assists you to manage your personal finance. It was launched in September 2007, and within its first two years, it received over 30 prestigious web awards from PC Mag, CNN Money, Business Week and Time Magazine amongst others.

Once you create Mint account, you can access all your balances and transactions on the web or using your iPhone. It’s a very simple but innovative concept. It puts all your money related accounts in one place.

Google App Engine

This is a platform was released in April 2008 and is used for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers.

This platform virtualizes apps across various servers and data centers. Currently, it supports Python and Java programming languages and some JVM languages by extension.

Google App Engine can be used for free up to a certain level. You are then required to pay additional fees for the extra additional storage space, CPU cycles and bandwidth necessary for the app.

Panda cloud antivirus

This is the first free antivirus from the cloud and has received many decent reviews. Panda CloudAV has been described as the best free antivirus by PC Magazine. While using the antivirus, you don’t have to worry about regular updates.

It uses very little system resources, has a simple interface and utilizes common intelligence servers for fast detection. The antivirus can also protect you PC while offline as it uses a local cache of signatures from Collective Intelligence.

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