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February 21, 2017
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April 4, 2017

If you have been working in the web programming and developing the field with an intense interest in the cloud application technology, you should try working on the cloud. The technology of cloud computing is not restricted to data recovery and storage, but it has expanded enough to work as a framework for developing applications.

Cloud application development is continually rising and is being embraced by many organizations for all the right reasons. Many companies have hired IT firms to help them create cloud applications, in an effort to create more business opportunities.

For those IT firms, it has almost become an industry standard to set up a support desk for each of their corporate cloud technologies’ clients. For instance, ResoluteTS IT Support Helpdesk helps the firm’s corporate clients get in contact with them through a single contact point, making it easier to address the issues that may arise.

However, as more business enterprises embrace cloud development, it is important to understand a few things about application development in the cloud before you start considering the available cloud application development solutions for your particular business situation.


Although cloud is supposed to provide a greater level of security, many companies are doubtful about having their entire data stored in the cloud.

If cloud application development helps you assume that there is a potential threat to the security of your applications, it is vital for you to decide which applications must be in the cloud and which should stay onsite.

Licensing restrictions

This depends entirely on the service provider you choose. Some providers are very flexible with their terms while others are way too strict with the terms that are agreed upon and things allowed and not allowed on their platforms.


This is another issue common with the cloud application development. When an application is developed in the cloud with the use of infrastructure patterns such as the APIs, specific codes are written which work best on the specific platforms only. This issue can only be resolved by using a cloud technology that is broadly adopted.


Reliability is a big challenge for cloud app developers. Your application performance depends on your service provider; if the service provider goes down, so makes your application.

The fact is that even if you sign up with the leading or the biggest developers, you are not guaranteed that you will access your applications whenever you want to.

Having a backup or disaster recovery plan in place is important. You should be able to develop your applications in the cloud with a contingency plan in case of an outage. Many companies have developed disaster recovery plans for their on-site systems, and this should apply to cloud-based apps.

Learning curves

Sometimes, there are those little differences that come into play during cloud application development. For example, it might be difficult to duplicate the configurations used locally in the cloud.

So, you should be ready for some surprises when developing apps using a cloud infrastructure for the first time. You should also be ready to learn new things, like SQL, XML and command line tools amongst others.


Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, Rackspace, Windows Azure and Platform are some of the top service providers that allow you to develop applications in the cloud easily.

Cloud application development has numerous challenges that you need to be aware of in order to plan effectively. First timers should get used to it and understand the differences between cloud and traditional app development.

The challenge of integrating cloud-based apps with on-site apps

You may run into some challenges when trying to integrate your new cloud-based apps with your existing applications. This mostly occurs because you are likely to be restricted to access your developer’s applications, infrastructure and other platforms. However, you can get around this by using your provider’s APIs.

Thus, being aware of these and other vital issues ensure you can make the most out of the cloud applications development services. Cloud application development will be dominant in the future technology. So, the more knowledgeable you are as a cloud app developer, the better it is for you and the company.

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