January 23, 2017

Advantages of Web-Based Applications

Any application that uses a website as a front-end or an interface is considered to be a web-based application. So long as someone is using a standard browser through any computer that is connected to the internet, they can access the application easily.

These applications are very different compared

January 22, 2017
cloud app vs web app

Cloud App Vs Web App: What Are the Differences?

Many might wonder whether the terms cloud app and web app are interchangeable. The answer is no, although they are related and have quite a number of similarities.

In fact, there is a clear distinction between cloud application vs web application.

In a nutshell, here is the difference, a cloud app is

January 21, 2017

6 Web Applications for Business

Today, many people are adopting cloud-based apps and tools very quickly. However, small businesses are in the beginning curve in regards to applying the same kind of low-cost apps in their day to day operations.

The growth rate of well-designed and secure apps is overwhelming. Most of these applications

January 20, 2017
web application

Web Applications

The line between cloud applications and web applications may have blurred which is the primary reason why most people are confused between the two, however, there will always remain one stark differentiating factor.

Web applications, as the name clearly indicates, are web based applications that are