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Contrary to what some may perceive, cloud application is actually an amalgamation of a desktop app and a web based app. In fact, it is not entirely a desktop app, but only possesses certain characteristics of it. Cloud applications are not the applications that are delivered over the web interface.

For instance, an app may be stored on a person’s device which could be a laptop, smartphone or tablet. However, the app is only a means of communication and management because the data is created and stored over the cloud and not on the user’s device.

Cloud applications generally also allow the users to customize the app, but that doesn’t change the way they functions. The customization or modification of any settings within the application will not stop the application from the storing the data over the cloud. These customization’s can allow for changes such as:

  • Changing login credentials
  • Changing application theme and layout
  • Changing color scheme
  • Managing personal information
  • Synchronization of data
  • Change means of communication (WiFi or Cellular)

Depending on the nature and the type of app, it can offer a lot more customization options.

Cloud applications also have some typical characteristics. They are:

  • Data is only stored in the cloud
  • Some applications may allow the data to be accessed offline as well
  • Some applications may be available as both, installable app and through web interface
  • Application features and function may depend on consumer requirements

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