Cloud Application Security
Cloud Application Security
January 19, 2017
Top Cloud Web Application Firewalls to Stop Website Attacks
January 20, 2017
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The line between cloud applications and web applications may have blurred which is the primary reason why most people are confused between the two, however, there will always remain one stark differentiating factor.

Web applications, as the name clearly indicates, are web based applications that are only accessible through cloud, i.e the internet and delivered through the user’s web interface.

Web based applications doesn’t allow for any installable applications on any device and they have to be accessed through the device’s web browser.

Web applications require a combination of server side scripts and client side scripts in order to be developed. The web browser heavily relies on the web server to access and perform its core functions.

It goes without saying that the application can only perform effectively as long as it has access to web server and as long as the web server effectively keeps responding.

When the web server is down for any reason, the applications will stop responding. The web based applications also very rarely leave any scope of app customizations for the user. And if they do, they are generally very limited.

However, in this day and age of the internet, most companies already have the precautionary measures in place to ensure that the services always run uninterrupted.

Some of the most commonly known type of web applications include:

  • Webmail
  • Wiki
  • Online retail stores
  • Project management tools

Another major reason for the increase in the confusion between cloud applications and web applications is due to the advancements of mobile apps. Many businesses have also started to develop apps apart from the web applications.

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